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Some time ago I asked Eugeny Brychkov to rework with me the original wozblaster design by Gustavo Iriarte, to make a Moonsound compatible cartridge that fit in a Konami Case.

Here the design !
It use a real OPL4 chip by yamaha and a 27C160 Eprom to store the YRW-801 Data.
Also this board have 512K of Sram memory.

Unfortunatly I was not able to produce a prototype that works.

The board design was verified by Gustavo Iriarte and Eugeny Brychkov, it may be good.
So, the problem seems comming from my parts...

You can freely donwload here the Eagle Schematic, the eagle design, and gerber files to build your own PCB.

Moonsound V2 files

Content of the EPROM and of the Gal, are downladable from Gustavo's pages:
Here the Wozblaster Documentation and ressources :

If you succeed to make a working board, please, let me know. ;-)

Here the schematic as Image.
Schematics Wozblaster

The part list : Partlist.txt



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