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notes :


The Monster Sound - FM PAC is a MSX MUSIC / FM PAC 100% compatible sound cartridge.
A lot of MSX and MSX2 games used the FM PAC to produce best sound and music during games.
The original FM PAC was produce by PANASOFT in 1987, and was include in MSX2+ and Turbo-R machine later, and named MSX MUSIC.

Many games on disk or Cartridge use the FM PAC.... Aleste 1 & 2, MonMon Monster, R-type, Undeadline, Xak, Bombaman etc etc...

You can also use the FM PAC in basic programs by using the instructions set to produce music or sound from the basic.

You can download the documentation here : FM PAQ lite DOC

FM PAQ lite can be produce with an optional 3,5mm Audio Jack out.


If you want to buy a FM PAQ, go to this webshop







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